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Thought LAB Therapy

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Natalie Thomas, LCSW-BACS

*BIPOC therapist  *LGBTQ+ allied*

I’m Natalie G. Thomas, LCSW-BACS. I’ve been a licensed mental health practitioner for more than 16 years. I founded Thought LAB Therapy primarily because I’ve seen so much human suffering while working as a clinician. I’ve witnessed how treatment can change the lives of people who never thought it could happen. I want everyone to experience this amount of transformation in their lives. I’ve worked hard and trained over the years to provide a *safe space for you to find restoration, joy, and healing in your life. Get started today and book your free phone consultation.

My Mission

I want to make high-quality, specialized mental health services easy and accessible. You should never be too busy for self-care. Let me help you quiet all those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that keep your happiness a prisoner.

My Process

During our initial consultation call, I begin figuring out how I could meet your needs. Once we've mutually agreed to work together, we'll schedule your intake appointment. From there, we work collaboratively to identify your needs. Using evidence-based practices, we then formulate a treatment plan that helps you exceed your goals. We begin to meet weekly for therapy sessions and start to do the work. 

My Work

It's easy. No driving through traffic to get to an appointment. I can see you from the comfort of your home or office using a secure video platform like Zoom. I also offer highly personalized Concierge Therapy Services

My Areas of Expertise

Therapy for Trauma

Therapy for Anxiety

Therapy for Depression